Topology / Topologie

BMS basic course at TU Berlin, Winter 2010

Course syllabus

Homework assignments

Here's a paper by Francis and Weeks on the classification of surfaces.

There will be no Übung on 9 Feb.

Final oral exams (Modulprüfungen) can be taken in German or English. They will be offered on 5 Apr (new!) and 7 Apr. Dates during summer semester have not yet been set. Sign up with Annett Gillmeister. More info.

The second test was held during the Übung on 26 January. It covered the unit on covering spaces and the fundamental group.

The week of 10/12 January, we switched the second lecture with the Übung. That is, the Übung was Monday 12-14h (following the first lecture) and the second lecture was Wednesday 14-16h. The homework was still due on Wednesday.

There was no Übung on 15 December.

The first test was held during the first lecture period (10-12h) on 29 November and was 70 minutes long (10:20-11:30).

Office Hours are as follows:
SullivanMA 318Tues 11:30–12:30
de ToffoliMA 319Tues 14:30–16:30