Geo II
SS 2010



3236 L 223
BMS Advanced Course:
Discrete Differential Geometry
Tue 12-14, Thu 10-12 in room MA 313
Thu 12-14 in room MA 313
John M. Sullivan, MA 318, tel 314-29279
Office hours: TBA
Matteo Petrera
Office hours: TBA
Geometry I; Diff.Geo I recommended
Course information is online at
There will be no tutorial on 15 July. Please turn in the final homework to Matteo Petrera (or leave it in his mailbox in MA 701) by Friday 16 July.
There will be no lecture on 8 July. The tutorial that day will be held in the BMS lecture room, MA 212.
There will be no lectures on 25 May and 27 May. (The tutorial on 27 May will take place.)
Because of the holiday on 13 May, the homework is due in lecture on 11 May.
Course work:
Weekly homework assignments:
  1. due 29 Apr
  2. due 6 May
  3. due 11 May
  4. due 27 May
  5. due 24 June
  6. due 15 July
Two papers from Discrete Differential Geometry, Birkäuser, 2008:

Bobenko and Suris, Discrete Differential Geometry: Integrable Structure, GSM 98, Amer. Math. Soc., 2008

Computing Discrete Minimal Surfaces and Their Conjugates, U. Pinkall, K. Polthier

A Conformal Energy for Simplicial Surfaces, A.I. Bobenko

Curvatures of smooth and discrete curves
Curvatures of smooth and discrete surfaces
Special discretizations of surfaces
Connections to integrable systems