Geo I
WS 2009/10

3236 L 135
BMS Basic Course:
Mon 14-16, Thu 14-16 in room MA 650
Fri 10-12 in room MA 650
John M. Sullivan, MA 318, tel 314-29279
Office hours: TBA
Matteo Petrera
Office hours: TBA
were offered on 3.3., 12.3., 9.4. and 21.5., in German or English.
For a list of future dates and to schedule your oral exam, please see here.
Course information is online at
Course work:
Two written tests
Weekly homework assignments:
  1. Due 30 Oct.
  2. Due 6 Nov.
  3. Due 13 Nov.
  4. Due 20 Nov.
  5. Due 27 Nov.
  6. Due 4 Dec.
  7. Due 11 Dec.
  8. Due 15 Jan.
  9. Due 22 Jan.
  10. Due 29 Jan.
  11. Due 5 Feb.
Test on 17 December
60 minutes (14:30-15:30);
open book (you may use books and notes);
sample problems are now here
Prasolov & Tikhomirov, Geometry, TMM 200, Amer. Math. Soc.
Hitchin, lecture notes on Projective Geometry
Springborn, script from the 2007 TU version of the course
Klein, Vorlesungen über höhere Geometrie, GMW 22, Springer
Blaschke, Projektive Geometrie, Birkhäuser
Fuchs & Tabachnikov, Mathematical Highlights
Berger, Geometry I & II, Springer
Audin, Geometry, Springer
Coxeter, Non-Euclidean Geometry, Math. Assoc. Amer.
Cannon, Floyd, Kenyon & Parry, Hyperbolic Geometry, from Flavors of Geometry, MSRI
Martin, The Foundations of Geometry and the Non-Euclidean Plane, UTM, Springer
Henderson, Experiencing Geometry, Prentice Hall
Euclid, Elements: online with java or Greek beside English text
Non-euclidean geometry including spherical and hyperbolic geometry;
Projective geometry, quadrics, incidence theorems and affine geometry;
Möbius geometry and Lie geometry.