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In my research, I want to gain a theoretical understanding of how sensations, thoughts and actions emerge from the complex interactions of millions of nerve cells in the brain. Towards that goal, I develop new theoretical methods to bridge different scales in the brain, from the microscopic level of spiking neurons to the mesoscopic level of neuronal populations all the way to the macroscopic level of large-scale brain activity. For this multiscale approach, I use mathematical tools from statistical physics, stochastic processes and nonlinear dynamics, such as mean-field theory, coarse-graining and dimensionality reduction techniques. Our theoretical framework will enable us to better understand neural variability in cortical circuits in terms of their biophysical mechanisms and their functional role for information processing.

Research topics include:

  • mean-field theories for finite-size systems of spiking neurons
  • dimensionality-reduction methods for neural population dynamics
  • stochastic neural field equations
  • coarse-graining of networks of interacting point processes
  • neural dynamics with colored noise