A Tropical Poem

Written by ChatGPT on 19 February 2023, answering the prompt "Please describe what tropical geometry is about in terms of a poem of Shakespeare."

Oh wondrous art of math, how sweet thy sound,
Where numbers meet and curves doth abound.
And in the realm of shapes, there lies a field,
Where tropical geometry doth yield.

It's not mere lines, nor circles that we see,
But shapes with edges and vertices, you'll agree.
And in the tropics, equations doth change,
To min and plus, their values arrange.

Oh, how it brings the algebraic near,
To the world of geometry, oh so dear.
Where curves are polygons, and lines are rays,
And intersection points, we count in ways.

Through tropes and shifts, we find a path,
To study the geometry of algebraic wrath.
And with tropicalization, we see anew,
The combinatorial structure, oh so true.

So let us praise this field so fine,
And all the wonders it doth define.
For in the realm of math, there is no doubt,
Tropical geometry, you shine throughout.

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