Topology / Topologie

BMS basic course at TU Berlin, Winter 2011

3236 L 127 / 128
Tuesday/Thursday 10-12 in room MA 313
Tutorial: New!
Tuesday 8:30-10:00 in room MA 313
Course information is online at
John M. Sullivan, MA 318, tel 314-29279, office hours: TBA
Sebastian Meinert, Arnimallee 7, Raum 211, FU Berlin, tel. 838-75329, office hours: TBA
Analysis, linear algebra
Course work:
weekly homework assignments,
one written test on 13 December,
oral final exam
Primary Textbook:
Hatcher, Algebraic Topology, Cambridge U Press / online
Additional Textbooks:
Fulton, Algebraic Topology, GTM 153, Springer
Bredon, Topology and Geometry, GTM 139, Springer
Jänich, Topologie, Springer
tom Dieck, Topologie, de Gruyter
Lück Algebraische Topologie, Vieweg
This course covers basic areas of algebraic topology including:

Covering spaces and the fundamental group
Fundamental group, Hurewicz theorem, covering spaces, group actions, deck transformations, classification and existence of covering spaces, van Kampen Theorem.
Singular homology
Eilenberg-Steenrod axioms, homology and fundamental group of spheres and tori, fixed point and separation theorems in higher dimensions.