VL: Topology, WS 13/14

Michael Joswig, Institut für Mathematik, TU Berlin.

Assistent: Benjamin Assarf

For further information, in particuler, exercises, see here.

VL: Monday 10-12 (MA 043)
Thursday 8-10 (MA 141)
Tut: Tuesday 14-16 (MA 749)
16-18 (MA 649)


The course will roughly follow Armstrong's book. Most of the first eight chapters will be covered:

Books on Topology

  1. M.A. Armstrong: Basic topology, Springer, 1983.
  2. J. Dugundji: Topology, Allyn and Bacon, 1966.
  3. A. Hatcher: Algebraic topology, Cambridge, 2002.
  4. E. Ossa: Topologie, Mathematik, Vieweg, 2. Auflage, 2009.

Every Compact Surface Admits a (Smooth) Triangulation

  1. A. Hatcher: The Kirby torus trick for surfaces, arXiv:1312.3518.

Michael Joswig
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