05.02.24: rename multiple files in bash

example: for f in $(ls *.xml.ipe); do mv $f ${f%.xml.ipe}.ipe; done link

21.11.23: cropping images with IPE


9.9.23: sympy for geometric operations, like polygon-polygon intersection


13.07.2023: filelight for cleaning up hard disks

22.04.2023: IPE drawing editor

youtube tutorials IPE collection

11.05.2023: supplemental data for double-blind

see here

07.02.2023: profiling python and sagemath

For inline profiling:
	import cProfile
To have a graphic visualization with kcachegrind/qcachegrind, use the following python snippet:
	import cProfile
	with cProfile.Profile() as pr:
and then run the following bash command:
	pyprof2calltree -i profile_data.pyprof && kcachegrind profile_data.pyprof.log
Note that pyprof2calltree can be installed via pip.

18.01.2023: merge images (here: 7x* grid)

Given a lot of images, a large image showing a 7x* grid of those images (the number of rows * of course depends on the number of images) can be computed with the following
	montage -density 300 -tile 7x0 -geometry +5+50 -border 10 g5*.png out.png

23.03.2022: how to use "latexdiff"

	latexdiff original_file.tex modified_file.tex > diff.tex
and remove all occurences of "\hspace{0pt}" (at least for me it did not compile otherwise)