Seminar: Triangulations

Winter 2018/2019

Marta Panizzut, Institut für Mathematik, TU Berlin
The purpose of this seminar is to learn about triangulations, their geometric structure and their connections with many areas of mathematics such as combinatorics, algebra, and statistics.

The target audience of the seminar are students in a master program in mathematics with a basic background in convex geometry. Prerequisites are the course Diskrete Geometrie II or Geometrische Grundlagen der linearen Optimierung I.

The type of evaluation is Portfolioprüfung. Participants are required to give a presentation and write short lecture notes about one of the selected topics.


First Meeting: October 23, 2018, 10:00-12:00 in room 621. This is an introductory meeting to distribute the topics among the attending students and arrange the schedule of the presentations. Attandence to this meeting is mandatory for all participants.


    Thursday, December 6 - MA621

  • 14:00 - Introduction to triangulations - Marta
  • 14:30 - Computing triangulations: The chirotope - Holger
  • 15:30 - Computing triangulations: Flips - Paco
  • Thursday, December 20 - MA621

  • 14:00 - The secondary polytope - Michelle
  • 15:00 - Triangulations and optimization - Thomas
  • 16:00 - Mixed subdivisions and the Cayley trick - Sascha


A good reference for an introduction to triangulations and why they are interesting is Chapter 1 of the book Triangulations by De Loera, Rambau and Santos.