Tropical Geometry

Winter Semester 2021/2022, 10 LP

Marta Panizzut, Institut für Mathematik, TU Berlin

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Vorlesung: Monday 12-14 Room H 3004
Wednesday 14-16 Online

The Monday lectures will take place in person, while the Wednesday ones will be on zoom.
More logistical information will be provided soon.

Prerequisites: Diskrete Geometrie I and basics of commutative algebra.


Tropical geometry is a subject at the interface between algebraic and polyhedral geometry, which in the recent years has established itself as an area of its own right. It is loosely described as geometry over the min-plus algebra, or a combinatorial shadow of geometry.
The subject has exciting connection with different areas in pure and applied mathematics such as combinatorics, optimization and real algebraic geometry.

The course offers an introduction to tropical geometry, with emphasis on combinatorial, computational and algebraic aspects.
Short overview of the course's topics:
  • Tropical hypersurfaces and dual subdivisions
  • Tropical linear spaces and matroids
  • Recent applications to machine learning