Library of Triangulations

by   Bruno Benedetti   and   Frank H. Lutz

For a detailed description of the library examples and additional references see:

Bruno Benedetti and Frank H. Lutz.   Random Discrete Morse Theory and a New Library of Triangulations.   Exp. Math. 23, 66-94 (2014).

GAP-program to search for discrete Morse vectors with few critical cells:

Frank H. Lutz.   DiscreteMorse (Version May/2015).


Additional examples:

Karim A. Adiprasito, Bruno Benedetti, and Frank H. Lutz.   Extremal examples of collapsible complexes and random discrete Morse theory.   Discrete Comput. Geom. 57, 824-853 (2017).

Frank H. Lutz and Jesper M. Møller.   Chromatic Numbers of Simplicial Manifolds.   Preprint, 22 pages, 2015; arXiv:1503.08251.

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