7th Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium

Talks and Preliminary Program


All talks will take place in the chemistry building of TU Berlin (C on the map).

Saturday, 22.7.2006

17:00Registration in front of the mathematics library in the mathematics building (MA on the map)
19:00Reception in the mathematics library in the mathematics building (MA on the map)

Sunday, 23.7.2006

9:15 Nigel Boston, Harris Nover. Computing Pro-P Galois Groups
10:45 Gunter Malle. The Totally Real Primitive Number Fields of Discriminant at Most 109
11:15 Guénaël Renault, Kazuhiro Yokoyama. A Modular Method for Computing the Splitting Field of a Polynomial
11:45 Michael J. Jacobson, Shantha Ramachandran, Hugh C. Williams.
Numerical Results on Class Groups of Imaginary Quadratic Fields (Supplementary Tables)
14:30 David R. Kohel, Benjamin A. Smith. Efficiently Computable Endomorphisms for Hyperelliptic Curves
15:00 Isabelle Dechene. Arithmetic of Generalized Jacobians
15:30 Paul Zimmermann, Bruce Dodson. 20 years of ECM
16:30 Stephen D. Miller, Ramarathnam Venkatesan. Spectral Analysis of Pollard Rho Collisions
17:00 Ilya Mironov, Anton Mityagin, Kobbi Nissim. Hard Instances of Constrained Discrete Logarithm Problem
(presented by Ramarathnam Venkatesan)

Monday, 24.7.2006

9:00Don Zagier. q-Hypergeometric Series and Modular Forms
10:30 Jean-Marc Deshouillers, François Hennecart, Bernard Landreau. The Density of Sums of Three Cubes
11:00 Tadej Kotnik, Herman te Riele. The Mertens Conjecture Revisited
11:30 Scott T. Parsell, Jonathan P. Sorenson. Fast Bounds on the Distribution of Smooth Numbers
14:30 John Cremona, Samir Siksek. Computing a Lower Bound for the Canonical Height on Elliptic Curves over Q
15:00 Martine Girard, David Kohel. Classification of Genus 3 Curves in Special Strata of the Moduli Space
15:30 Noam D. Elkies. Points of Low Height on Elliptic Curves and Surfaces over P1 with Small d
16:30 Christiaan van de Woestijne. Finding Points on Elliptic Curves in Deterministic Polynomial Time (odd characteristic)
(ellpoint.magma, implementation.magma)
17:00 Andrew Shallue. Finding Points on Elliptic Curves in Deterministic Polynomial Time (even characteristic)

Tuesday, 25.7.2006

9:00Etienne Fouvry, Jürgen Klüners. Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics of Quadratic Number Fields
10:30 Masanari Kida. Cyclic Polynomials Arising from Kummer Theory of Norm Algebraic Tori
11:00 Miho Aoki, Takashi Fukuda. An Algorithm for Computing p-Class Groups of Abelian Number Fields
11:30 Werner Bley, Robert Boltje. Computation of locally free class groups
14:30 Rob Granger, Dan Page, Nigel P. Smart. High Security Pairing-Based Cryptography
15:00 David Freeman. Constructing Pairing-Friendly Elliptic Curves with Embedding Degree 10
15:30Selfridge Prize
16:00Coffee and Poster Session
17:00 Noam D. Elkies. Shimura Curves for Level-3 Subgroups of the (2,3,7) Triangle Group and Some Other Examples
17:30 Andreas-Stephan Elsenhans, Joerg Jahnel. The Asymptotics of Points of Bounded Height on Diagonal Cubic and Quartic Threefolds

Wednesday, 26.7.2006

9:00 John Cremona. The Elliptic Curve Database
10:30 Claus Diem. Index Calculus with Double Large Prime Variation in Class Groups of Plane Curves of Small Degree
11:00 Ming-Deh Huang, Wayne Raskind. Signature Calculus and Discrete Logarithm Problems
11:45 Matthew Greenberg. Heegner Point Computations via Numerical p-adic Integration
12:15 Phil Martin, Mark Watkins. Symmetric Powers of Elliptic Curve L-Functions
12:45Free Afternoon

Thursday, 27.7.2006

9:00 Bas Edixhoven. On the Computation of the Coefficients of a Modular Form
10:30 Tom Fisher. Testing Equivalence of Ternary Cubics
11:00 Alfred J. van der Poorten. Determined Sequences, Continued Fractions, and Hyperelliptic Curves
11:30 John Voight. Computing CM Points on Shimura Curves Arising from Cocompact Arithmetic Triangle Groups
14:30 Parthasarathy Ramachandran. Use of Extended Euclidean Algorithm in Solving a System of Linear Diophantine Equations with Bounded Variables
15:00 Jonathan P. Sorenson. The Pseudosquares Prime Sieve
15:30 Kjell Wooding, Hugh C. Williams. Doubly-Focused Enumeration of Pseudosquares and Pseudocubes
16:00Future ANTS

Friday, 28.7.2006

9:00 Johannes Buchmann, Christoph Ludwig. Practical Lattice Basis Sampling Reduction
9:30 Phong Q. Nguyen, Damien Stehlé. LLL on the Average
10:00 Damien Stehlé. On the Randomness of Bits Produced by Sufficiently Regular Functions
11:00 Gerhard Frey, Tanja Lange. Fast bilinear maps from the Tate-Lichtenbaum pairing on hyperelliptic curves
11:30 Alexander W. Dent, Steven D. Galbraith. Hidden Pairings and Trapdoor DDH Groups

 Organizers: Florian Heß, Sebastian Pauli, Michael Pohst