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KASH3 Reference Manual




At the moment, KASH3 can only handle univariate polynomials. The polynomial ring 'ZX' over the integers and its indeterminate 'X=ZX.1' are predefined constants. Use the 'Evaluation' routine to calculate the value of a polynomial when the variable 'X' is substituted by certain values. To create the polynomial algebra 'S[x]' with coefficients from a designated ring 'S', the routine 'PolynomialAlgebra' should be used. This routine requires one argument, namely the coefficient ring of the polynomial algebra.
Recall that 'Q' is the predefined constant for the ring .
Note that KASH3 always declares the variable by 'P.1', if 'P' is the name of your polynomial algebra.


f := X^3 + X + 1; # a polynomial over Z f+f; f*f; Evaluate(f,10); # Evaluation of f at 10
Qx := PolynomialAlgebra(Q); # Univariate Polynomial Ring over Rational Field Qx.1^5+7/3; # A polynomial over Q
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