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KASH3 Reference Manual




<simple type> <aggtype>([<type>{, <type>}]) <elt|str>[-<level1type>^<level2type>{/<level1type>^<level2type>}]


In KASH there are three different kinds of types.

SIMPLE TYPES stand for themselves.

(TYPED) AGGREGATE TYPES can carry a further specification in parenthesis, they are written as <aggtype>([<type>{, <type>}]).

COMPOSED TYPES are composed from several atoms. The first atom is either 'elt' or 'str' followed by a '-'. It is followed by a LEVEL 1 atom, a '^', and a LEVEL 2 atom. This may be followed by '/' and further '<level1type>^<level2type>' constructions. In these constructions 'str-' can be left out, likewise 'any' as a LEVEL 2 atom can be omitted. LEVEL 1 atoms describe the general algebraic structure (field, algebra, group, ...) and LEVEL 2 atoms give a more detailed description (finite, polynomial, abelian, ...)

The function 'ShowTypes' displays the atoms used in the construction of aggregate and composed types. '?*.|TYPE' shows all (documented) types in KASH.

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