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KASH3 Reference Manual


Line Editing


KASH3 allows you to edit the current input line with a number of editing commands. Those commands are accessible by control characters. The case of the characters does not matter. Below we list the most important commands for cursor movement, deleting text and yanking text.

<Ctrl>-A: move to beginning of line
<Ctrl>-B: move backward one character
<Ctrl>-D: delete character under cursor
<Ctrl>-E: move to end of line
<Ctrl>-F: move forward one character
<Ctrl>-H: delete previous character
<Ctrl>-K: delete from cursor to end of line
<Ctrl>-Y: insert (yank) what you've deleted
<Ctrl>-L: insert last input line before current character
<Ctrl>-P: redisplay the last input line, another.
<Ctrl>-N: like '<Ctrl>-P' but goes the other way round through the history.

You can also use the cursor up/down keys to scroll through the history.

The Tab key looks at the characters before the cursor, interprets them as the beginning of an identifier and tries to complete this identifier.

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