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KASH3 Reference Manual


TransformationMatrix ( ord^fun O, ord^fun P ) -> elt-alg^mat, elt-rng

Optional Arguments

Resultselt-ord^rat1 <= Results <= 2


The transformation matrix from order O to order P, as an integral matrix and denominator (expressing what a vector element of O should be multplied by to obtain the corresponding vector element of P).


x_f5 := FiniteField(5); x_f5t := PolynomialAlgebra(x_f5); x_f5ty := PolynomialAlgebra(x_f5t); x_k := FunctionField(x_f5ty.1^4-x_f5t.1^5); x_o := EquationOrderFinite(x_k); x_O := MaximalOrderFinite(x_k); TransformationMatrix(x_o,x_O);
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