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KASH3 Reference Manual


Reals and Complex


Real numbers can only be stored in the computer effectively in the form of approximations. KASH3 provides a number of facilities for calculating with such approximations to (at least) a given, but arbitrary, precision. Real numbers have a default precision of 20. One can change the precision to arbitrary 'n' (See example below!).
KASH3 provides the following real functions; refer to the reference manual for detailed descriptions and examples.
In KASH3, complex numbers have the same precision as real numbers. This precision can be modified by calling the 'Precision' function (see example). A complex number can be designated using the function Element, which requires two real arguments (See example).
Most real functions can be applied to complex numbers. Additionally, KASH3 provides the several complex functions.


Precision(); # the default precision of the real and complex numbers
R; # the default real field
Precision(40); # set the default precision of real and complex numbers to 40
C; # the default complex field
z := 1+2*I; # a complex number, z*z;
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