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KASH3 Reference Manual


Variables and Assignments


Values may be assigned to variables. A variable enables you to refer to an object via a name. The assignment operator is ':='. Do not confuse the assignment operator ':=' with the single equality sign '=' which in KASH3 is only used for the test of equality.
After an assignment, the assigned value is echoed on the next line. The printing of the value of a statement may be in every case prevented by typing a double semicolon.
After the assignment, the variable evaluates to that value if evaluated. Thus it is possible to refer to that value by the name of the variable in any situation.
A variable name may be sequences of letters and digits containing at least one letter. For example 'abc' and 'a1b2' are valid names. Since KASH3 distinguishes upper and lower case, 'a' and 'A' are different names. Keywords such as 'quit' must not be used as names.


a:=32233; A:=76; a+A;
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