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KASH3 Reference Manual


Open ( string filename, string mode ) -> file f


The 'Open' function opens the file specified in the argument 'filename'. The type of operations you intend to perform on the file must be given in the argument 'mode' The following table explains the values that the 'mode' string can take.

"r" Opens file for read operations.
"w" Opens a new file for writing. If the file exists, its content is destroyed.
"a" Opens file for appending. A new file is created if the file does not exist.
"R" Opens file for unbuffered read operations. This mode should be used in connection with the 'FLDin' function.

If the file is successfully opened, 'Open' returns a file 'f'. In case of an error, 'Open' returns 'FALSE'.


x_name := "toto"; x_file := Open(x_name,"a"); Close(x_file);

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