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KASH3 Reference Manual


First Steps


A simple calculation with KASH3 is as easy as one can imagine. You type the problem just after the prompt, terminate it with a semicolon and then pass the problem to the program with the 'return' key. For example, to multiply the difference between 9 and 7 by the sum of 5 and 6, that is to calculate '(9 - 7)*(5 + 6)', you type exactly this last sequence of symbols followed by ';' and 'return'. If you omitted the semicolon at the end of the line but had already typed 'return', then KASH3 has read everything you typed, but does not know that the command is complete. The program is waiting for further input and indicates this with a partial prompt. This little problem is solved by simply typing the missing semicolon on the next line of input. Then the result is printed and the normal prompt returns. Whenever you see this partial prompt and you cannot decide what KASH3 is still waiting for, then you have to type semicolons until the normal prompt returns.


(9 - 7) * (5 + 6);
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