jScene package

The idea of this java package is to have the investigation, web presentation and image/video generation of scientific content in one simple java package.

The package consists of a set of classes to build a 3d scenegraph plus two viewers. One is a java3d based while the other is a pure software renderer. There is also a modified version of Ken Perlins wonderfull render applet as a third backend.

If one uses the setup with java oorange one can explore surfaces or data using the java3d viewer. If one is satisfied with some result one replaces that viewer with the software only one and saves the whole oorange network as an applet.

Besides that one can write the current view of a scene directly into a renderman rib file or a povray scene to create high quality images for publications or animations.

Here are two small gif animations done with jScene:
S-minimal Catenoid-Helicoid deformation(251 KB)
Refinement of a S-minimal Enneper Surface(474 KB)

The same scene in the software only renderer, the java3d version and rendered with 3delights rib renderer (in this case with shadowmap geneartion turnded on):
The scene contains one directional light and one SpotLight.

Of course rendering ribs is way more flexible: A scene that has shaders associated with the walls in the java3d viewer and rendered with aqsis:

An image generated with the povray output

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