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jReality: [an error occurred while processing this directive] a Java 3D Viewer for Mathematics

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jReality: scalable 3d graphics rendering in Java.


jReality is a project by Peter Brinkmann, Charles Gunn, Tim Hoffmann, Holger Pietsch, Ulrich Pinkall, Markus Schmies, and Steffen Weissmann.
It is a followup project of jScene, a software developped by Tim Hoffmann in his spare time while at UMASS Amherst.
jReality is a library that allows for interactive manipulation of scientific data on a wide variety of platforms. It is written in Java. The output media include software only Java rendering, hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering stereo viewing, immersive virtual reality applications like in the PORTAL. as well as file formats like PIXAR's renderman and SVG.
jReality includes technology to maintain synchronized copies of the scene graph distributed over the net on rendering clients.


Next meeting of the jReality group: TUE 06/20/06, 11:00-12:00.

In the lounge at the 3rd floor.

proposed topics:

More suggestions are welcome and should be sent to: Tim Hoffmann: hoffmann@math.tu-berlin.de

earlier meetings

short protocols of some of the meetings and jReality related discussions can be found in the wiki.

02/16/06:new screenshot: swing components on curved surfaces

01/25/06: jReality was used for some scenes of the Matheon video project

01/11/06: texture export in the renderman backend works as intended now

12/7/05: we have vrml reading, a stand-alone viewer and an xml based scene graph file format now

11/4/05: quite a bit of refactoring in the cvs

3/15/05: New images are online

Project Status

The following backends work: There is also a "JTree" backend that represents the scene graph in a folded list.
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