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Tim Hoffmann

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interactive papers

jReality talk
a short presentation I gave on jReality using jDvi
circle packings
conformally symmetric circle packings. a generalization of doyle spirals.
my dissertation online
smoke ring flow
discrete hashimoto surfaces and a doubly discrete smoke ring flow.

applets and webstarts

confocal quadrics
a web start that shows the triply orthogonal coordinate system given by confocal quadrics. The surfaces are cut in half and three sliders let you browse through the three families of quadrics (ellipsoids, hyperboloids of one sheet, and hyperboloids of two sheets).
do an inverse Radon transformation by hand. Joint work with N. Kutz.
pong on a torus
play pong on a torus against yourself (including a 3d version). Joint work with N. Kutz.
a discrete cycloid
an applet that illustrates the construction of a discrete cycloid. It has the property that its (discrete) evolute is again a similar cycloid. This holds in the smooth case as well of course.


software for doing interactive math
a 3d geometry viewer framework written in java. Authors: Peter Brinkmann, Charles Gunn, Tim Hoffmann, Holger Pietsch, Ulrich Pinkall, Markus Schmies, and Steffen Weissmann. It allows to view geometries on such a variety of target systems as pure software rendering, OpenGl accelerated rendering the PORTAL virual reality theatre and file formats as PIXAR's rendermanTM SVG, and PostScript..
another 3d geometry viewer framework written in java. One of the predecessors of jReality. It does a little part of what jReality is capable of now. (Tim Hoffmann)
a dvi file viewer written in java.
jDvi is a tool for making mathematical papers online available and for making presentations or giving talks. It is capable of placing java applets inside a TeX document just like figures. (Tim Hoffmann)
java tools for experimental mathematics. A continuously growing library of packages for doing mathematics in java. Authors: Ulrich Heller, Tim Hoffmann, Samy Khadem-Al-Charieh, Vitali Lieder, Christian Mercat, Holger Pietsch, Ulrich Pinkall, Marcel Rettkowski, Nick Schmitt, Markus Schmies, Boris Springborn, and Dagmar Timmreck
a software to do rapid application development and much more in Java. (H. Pietsch, M. Schmies)
A string rewriter written in Java (Tim Hoffmann)
virtual math labs
A collection of JavaWebStart applications with a variety examples from calculus and geometry. (various authors)
interactive geometry software written by J. Richter-Gebert and U. Kortemkamp. In Java. The german University version is free.
a geometry viewer written in java with an integrated library for doing numerics for geometry. (K. Polthier, K. Hildebrandt, E. Preuss, U. Reitebuch, and others)

other resources

the wiki
of the geometry and visualization group at TU Berlin.
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