Discrete Curves

and Surfaces 

How to use the viewer:

You may drag the document freely in above window.
The buttons on the left are

Back (or the "b" key)
Go back after you have followed a link in the document (even multiple times).
Next (or the "n" key)
Go to the next page.
Previous (or the "p" key)
Go to the previous page
+ (or the "+" key)
Increase zoom.
- (or the "-" key)
decrease zoom.

The right mouse button (or <META>-mouse button on one button systems) will pop
up a magnifyer glass.
If the cursor changes from "drag" to "hand" you may click to follow a link (this is also indicated by blue underlying text). The links target is shown in the status line on the bottom of the window.
To directly jump to a page, type the number followed by "g".

See here for more information on JDvi.