Block Course

Embeddings of Planar Graphs

March 20 - March 31, 2006

Location: Institut für Mathematik,
Technische Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 136,
D-10623 Berlin

The room for the lectures of the second week is MA 650 Slides in connection with lectures 3 and 4
Tutte embeddings and the Maxwell-Cremona correspondence
Chapter 5: Tutte embeddings (pp. 39-50)
Chapter 6: Stresses and reciprocal diagrams (pp. 56-59)

The slides of lectures 10 and 11: Duality for Schnyder Woods, Orthogonal Surfaces and the Lattice of alpha-Orientations.

The slides (fotos) of lecture 12: Circle Packings

The slides of lecture 13: Dimension af Orders, Graphs and Polytopes.

Steffen Melang's notes of lecture 1: Introduction to planar graphs

Mareike Massow's notes of lecture 1: Introduction to planar graphs

Simon Albroscheit's notes of lecture 2: The Hanani-Tutte Theorem

Lars Wolter's notes of lecture 3: Tutte: How to draw a graph

Anna Gundert's notes of lecture 5: Drawing I: Bipolar orientations

Mª del Pilar Sabariego's notes of lecture 5: Drawing I: Bipolar orientations

The course will focus on problems at the borderline between graph theory and geometry. Planar graphs are in the center of this active and exciting area. The presentation will start with a general chapter on planar graphs and continue with four chapters on more specific topics:

During the  morning sessions  the theoretical material will be exhibited and discussed, while in the afternoon "exercise" sessions exercises and  problems will provide participants an opportunity to test and improve their problem-solving ability in order to obtain sufficient familiarity with the theory.

Students who want credit and a grade for the course can take part in an examination at the end of the course. Depending on the number of participants, it will be an oral exam or a written exam.

Basic knowledge in graph theory

Stefan Felsner, Technische Universität Berlin and Günter Rote, Freie Universität Berlin

The course will be held in English.

Participants should register by sending an email to
Gabriele Klink until March 5, 2006.

The daily schedule will consist of two lectures

          9:15 - 10:45     and     11:00 - 12:30

and a tutorial to discuss the exercises in the afternoon

          16:00 - 17:30

In the first week these lectures will be given in room MA 141 in the 1st floor of the mathematics building at technical university (
map of the area). The room is in the first floor just behind the elevators. We meet there on Monday at 9:00.

There are three additional rooms MA 649, MA 650 and MA 651 which can be used e.g. during the long break to solve the exercises in groups.

The topics for the first week will be

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