Dominic Bunnett

I am a postdoc in the research group Algorithmic Algebra of Peter Buergisser at TU Berlin.
Before that I was a postdoc in the Einstein Fellowship research group Nonlinear Algebra of Bernd Sturmfels and Michael Joswig at TU Berlin.
I did my Ph.D under the supervision of Victoria Hoskins at FU Berlin.


During the Winter Semester 2020, I will be a visiting lecturer at AIMS Ghana.
Here is the webpage for the course on algebraic curves.

In June 2021 I will be at Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach for a Research in Pairs project on Moduli of Bridgeland stable quiver sheaves.

I am currently taking part in the Abram Gannibal project and gave a session on polymake in October.

Institut für Mathematik
Technische Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 135, Raum 613
10623 Berlin, Germany




Research Interests

Moduli spaces, enumerative geometry, Bridgeland stability conditions and tropical geometry


Moduli of Bridgeland semistable holomorphic triples - joint with Alejandra Rincon-Hidalgo (preprint)
Symmetric crosscuts and tropical moduli - joint with Michael Joswig (pre-print - submitted)
Moduli of hypersurfaces in toric orbifolds (pre-print - submitted)
Determinantal Representations of the cubic discriminant - joint with Hanieh Keneshlou to appear in Le Matematiche.

Ph.D Thesis


Automorphism group of a projective toric orbifold, polymake
Non-normal simplicies and weighted projective spaces, polymake
The scripts are available upon request.


Winter 2017-18   Lineare Algebra I
Summer 2017      Lineare Algebra II
Winter 2016-17   Differential geometry I
Summer 2016     Further topics in geometric invariant theory Research Seminar