Discrete Affine Spheres

Java-realization by U. Heller

Mathematics in: A.I. Bobenko, W.K. Schief, Affine Spheres: Discretization via Duality Relations, Experimental Mathematics 8:3 (1999), 261-280 SFB288 Preprint 297 (1997)

Our viewer allows for the use of the mouse to move the camera position and to determine the axis along which to scale. The control panel can be shown/disposed using ESC.

Truncated Octahedron

Truncated Tetrahedron

Truncated Cube (1st Solution)

Truncated Cube (2nd Solution)

Truncated Cube (3rd Solution)


Truncated Dodecahedron

The discrete affine spheres are also available in vrml format:

Discrete Affine Spheres (Vrml-format)