Approximation by discrete K-Surfaces

A refining sequence of discrete Amsler-Surfaces. (T.Hoffmann)
The sequence was constructed by calculating the normal vectors on the discrete surfaces. The mesh size goes to zero like the inverse of the frame number.

Another refining sequence of discrete Amsler-Surfaces.
This sequence, and all the sequences below, were constructed by solving the discrete Sine-Gordon-Equation and using SU(2)-frames. The mesh size gets divided by two from one frame to the next.

A approximating sequence for a "generic" K-surface.
This is the sequence of K-surfaces for which we have calculated the approximation error we have plotted in our paper.

The same surface from another point of view.
We have only rotated the data, but the pictures look very different. Obviously, the surface has a very complex structure, although the inital data do not look too complicated.

One more example