Mara Belotti

Math Phd student


TU Berlin, MA 619

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I am currently a BMS PhD student under the supervision of Michael Joswig. Before I was a master student in Trieste where I attended a joint curriculum with SISSA, under the supervision of Antonio Lerario. Below are some of my most recent interests.

Random cubics

Random cubics

This has been my very first mathematical problem.

Check it out!

Geometric graphs

Geometric graphs

This was the topic of my master thesis.

Check the video out!

Constrained realization spaces

Realization spaces

If you love nice pictures, look this up:

Nice math code


1- "Real lines on random cubic surfaces" with Chiara Meroni and Rida Ait El Manssour

Arnold Mathematical Journal (2021)

2- "Graph invariants from the topology of rigid isotopy classes" with Antonio Lerario and Andrew Newman


3- "Algebraic Degrees of 3-Dimensional Polytopes" with Michael Joswig and Marta Panizzut



1-"On the number of real lines on random invariant cubic surfaces" with Chiara Meroni and Rida Ait El Manssour

Sissa, Trieste

October 2019

2-"Topology of rigid isotopy classes of geometric graphs"

Online talk to the DMG group at TU Berlin

June 2020

3-"Algebraic degrees of 3-dimensional polytopes"

Online talk to the FU Discrete geometry Seminar

April 2021


1- Organization of Polymake workshop 2021, held virtually

29th January 2021

2- ICERM: Introductory workshop on Combinatorial Algebraic geometry

February 2021

3- REACT: Research Encounters in Algebraic and Combinatorial Topics

February 2021