Niklas C. Affolter

I am a research assistent at the Technical University Berlin, at the Department of Geometry and Mathematical Physics, working under the supervision of Boris Springborn.

I'm organizing the X-Student Research Group Combinatorial solutions to discrete integrable systems in the WS22/23. It's an opportunity for students to do their own math research, combining problems from different areas of math.

I spent half a year at ENS Paris (01.03. - 01.09.2022) in the group of Dmitry Chelkak, but now I'm back!

I coorganized the Discrete Geometric Structures workshop 2022, which was great fun.


TU Berlin, MA 8-3
Strasse des 17. Juni 136
10623 Berlin

Office: MA 861


Fields of interest:

Geometry, discrete differential geometry, discrete integrable systems, applications of pure geometry, discrete statistical physics, combinatorics, cluster algebras, circle patterns, discrete conformal theory

Projects and institutions I am involved in:

Conferences, workshops and summer schools attended:



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