Dr. Maite Wilke Berenguer*

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First name: Maite (I do have a middle name, but that will remain a secret.)
Last names: Wilke Berenguer
(two last names, no hyphen)

How to cite

First name:

Last names:
Please use both names and a hyphen. Otherwise one name tends to get lost...

The why-story

In the Spanish culture, every person has two last names and retains them after marriage (regardles of gender).
Children will inherit the first last name of the father and the first last name of the mother (in that order).

So "Wilke" is my father's last name and "Berenguer" my mother's first last name.

The names are not hyphenated and on a day-to-day base or when directly addressing the person, only the first of the two is usually used.
So, if you want to keep it short, "Maite Wilke" would be the correct version. But since Germans and English-speakers are used to the last name being, well, the last name, "Maite Berenguer" pops up here and there.
I prefer the 'full version', but simply for clarity and I don't feel offended by any of the above.

However, for publications I took the hard decision to add a hyphen between my last names, since otherwise one of the two names tends to get lost each time - and it is hard to predict which one.