Dr. Maite Wilke Berenguer*

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 Welcome to my old homepage! I am now  Juniorprofessor at Ruhr-univeristy Bochum and you can find my new website here!

I was a postdoc at the Institute of Mathematics at TU Berlin in the groups of Prof. Noemi Kurt and Prof. Jochen Blath and part of the DFG SPP 1590 "Probabilistic Structures in Evolution".

I have worked in areas related to percolation and random dynamical systems and now focus on mathematical population genetics.

TU Address:

Technische Universität Berlin,
Fakultät II - Institut für Mathematik,
Sekretariat MA 7-5
Straße des 17. Juni 136
10623 Berlin

(wilkeber * AT * math.tu-berlin.de) new: maite.wilkeberenguer@rub.de
Phone: [+49 30] 314 - 28415

Office: MA 780

Office hours student counseling: By appointment