André Wagner


Publications and Preprints


Rigid Multiview Varieties , presented at Meeting on Algebraic Vision with Joe Kileel; 2015


Numerical linear algebra of polymake, URL, github
Macaulay 2 code for the computational part of "Rigid Multiview Varieties", URL
Unlabeled triangulation, github


Degenrate configurations of the 8-point Algorithm., TU Berlin 2016
Rigid- and Critical-Configurations, O.S. Algo. Algebra 2016
Intersecting all but one prime components of the Veronesean, Seminar Non-Linear Algebra 2016
Veronesean almost binomial almsot complete intersections, TU Berlin 2016
Rigid Multiview Varieties, 7th ECM 2016
Algebraic Multiview Geometry and Two Rigid Points, WIAS 2016
Algebraic Methods in Multiview-Geometry,TU Berlin 2014
The Toric Fiber Product of Veronese Varieties, TU Berlin 2014