This polymake tutorial is intended to complement the lectures on discrete Morse theory by Bruno Benedetti at the HTCA 2015 workshop. The tutorial is scheduled to take place on

Thu, 12 February 2015, 15:30-17:30.

This webpage is still under construction, but attendees should start reading about installing the software on their machines. See Part 1 below.

This tutorial is divided into three sections (~30 minutes each separated by short breaks).

Part 1: A beginner's guide to polymake::topaz

The topological software system polymake has within it an application called topaz which can be used to study (finite abstract) simplicial complexes. Here we will give a quick introduction to get you started, including instructions for installing the software.

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Part 2: Using the Random_Discrete_Morse client

The Random_Discrete_Morse client is a polymake C++ client. Here we will only discuss its use from the user end.

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Part 3: Examples and Experiments

coming soon...