Seminar: Tropical Combinatorics

Winter 2020/2021

Marta Panizzut, Institut für Mathematik, TU Berlin
Registration via email is mandatory in order to participate. In the email please give your name, your affiliation, and indicate whether you wish to receive credits.

The course will be held online. The zoom link for the lectures will be shared with the registered participants.

Prerequisites: Diskrete Geometrie I and Algorithmische Diskrete Mathematik I

The type of evaluation is Portfolioprüfung. Participants are required to give a presentation and write short lecture notes about one of the selected topics.


The purpose of this seminar is to learn about recent advances in combinatorial aspects of tropical geometry. Topics treated in the seminar include
  • tropical convexity and tropical polytopes
  • tropical techniques in graph algorithms
  • tropical linear programming.

The main reference will be the upcoming book Essential of Tropical Combinatorics written by Michael Joswig.

Preliminary Schedule:

  • Thursday, November 5, 14:00-16:00: Introductory meeting. This is mandatory for all participants.
  • Thursday, November 12, 14:00-16:00: Tropical Hypersurfaces
  • Thursday, November 19, 14:00-16:00: Fields of Power Series and Tropicalization
  • Thursday, November 26, 14:00-16:00: Introduction to Selected Topics