Seminar on NonLinear Algebra:

BERLIN, Germany, December 10, 2015
This is a special meeting of our "Seminar on Nonlinear Algebra" within Bernd Sturmfels' project that is funded for 2015-2018 by the Einstein Foundation.


Speakers and Schedule

The talks will be at TU Berlin in MA 621.

Thursday, December 10

9:00-9:45 Kristin Shaw (TU Berlin) and Fatemeh Mohammadi (TU Berlin) Degenerating Grassmannians to Toric Varieties
9:45-10:15 Carlos Améndola (TU Berlin) Local Maxima of Mixtures of Gaussian Distributions
10:30-11:00 Kathlén Kohn (TU Berlin) Self-Duality of Coisotropic Hypersurfaces in Grassmannians
11:00-11:30 Moritz Firsching (FU Berlin) From High-Precision Numerical Solutions to Algebraic Solutions
11:30-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-13:50 Reinhold Schneider (TU Berlin) Hierarchical Tensor Representations
14:00-14:50 Xiaoxian Tang (U Bremen) Convexity in Tree Spaces
15:15-15:45 Sarah B. Brodsky (TU Berlin) Cluster Algebras of Type D_4 and Tropical Positivity

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