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Junior Professor of mathematical stochastics with applications to biology and statistical physics at TU Berlin.

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E-mail: kurt (at) math (dot) tu-berlin.de
Office: MA 772
Secretary: B.Labenski, MA 774

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Prof. Dr. Noemi Kurt
TU Berlin, Sekr. MA 7-5
Strasse des 17. Juni 136
D-10623 Berlin

Tel: +49-30-314-24219
Fax: +49-30-314-21695

Office hours/Sprechstunde:
Monday, 9:30-11:00
Sprechstunden in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit nach Absprache/by appointment.

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Workshop on Dormancy

Workshop on Evolutionary consquences of Dormancy, 16.-18. September 2019 in Berlin, funded by SPP1590. Details see here.


I am a junior professor at the institute of mathematics of the Technical University of Berlin, member of the Berlin Mathematical School and of MATH+. I am involved in a project of the DFG priority program 1590 "Probabilistic structures in evolution".
My research interests lie in the field of probability theory and stochastic processes with applications to biology and physics. Research topics include long-range population models, bacterial evolution, duality theory of Markov processes, interacting particle systems, random interface models.
From July 2016 to September 2017 I was on parental leave.

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Events and research seminars

Workshop: Junior female researchers in probability, Oct. 22-23, 2015

Oberseminar "Stochastic models in physics and biology"

Short CV

Current position: Junior professor at TU Berlin.
Education: 5/2008: PhD (Dr. sc. nat.) in mathematics. Advisor: Erwin Bolthausen
10/2003: Diplom (Master's degree, with thesis) in mathematics
10/1999-10/2003: Student of mathematics, experimental physics and theoretical physics at Zurich University
6/1999: Matura Typus A (high school degree) at Kantonsschule Zofingen
Work: 7/2016/9/2017: Parental leave.
2014-: Junior professor at TU Berlin.
2008-2014: Postdoc and assistant at TU Berlin.
2004-2008: Assistant at the institute of mathematics, Zürich university.
8/2003-7/2004: Teaching mathematics at Literargymnasium Rämibühl, Zürich
2000-2003: Various teaching jobs (mathematics) at high school and university level

Former teaching at TU Berlin

Vorlesung Stochastische Modelle, WiSe 18/19
Vorlesung Stochastik für Informatiker, SoSe 2018 Link
Vorlesung Versicherungsmathematik, WiSe 17/18
Stochastik für Informatiker, Website (nur mit TU-Login)
Vorlesung Verzweigungsprozesse / Lecture branching processes: Ankündigung, Anouncement
Seminar Verzweigungsprozesse (zusammen mit der Vorlesung): Anouncement.
Stochastik für Informatiker (SoSe 15)
Stochastische Modelle (WiSe 14/15)
Stochastik für Informatiker (SoSe 14)
Seminar über interagierende Teilchensysteme(WiSe14/15)
Seminar: Exchangeable coalescents. Aushang, Seminar-Website(WiSe13/14)
Stochastik für Informatiker(SoSe 13)
Übungen zur Vorlesung Stochastische Modelle
Seminar Combinatorial stochastic processes with J. Blath, B. Eldon, M. Hammer, M. Ortgiese.
Vorlesung "Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie 3"
Seminar (mit J. Blath, M. Ortgiese, M.Hammer).
Übungen zur Vorlesung Stochastische Modelle (Prof. Dr. Blath)
Seminar über Stochastische Prozesse und deren Anwendungen in der Evolutionsbiologie, mit Prof. Dr. J. Blath und Dr. M. Ortgiese
Summer term 2011: Analysis I für Ingenieure
Winter term 2010/2011: Seminar Versicherungsmathematik (Prof. Dr. J. Blath, Dr. N. Kurt, S. Beck). Programm
Summer term 2009: Übungen zur Maß- und Integrationstheorie (Vorlesung: Prof. J. Gärtner)


Some past events

Second Berlin-Paris workshop on stochastic analysis with applications in biology and finance

First Berlin-Paris workshop on stochastic analysis with applications in biology and finance

Second Workshop "Junior female researchers in probability"

Workshop on duality of Markov processes with application to population genetics

Workshop "Junior female researchers in probability"

Conference Probabilistic Structures in Evolution and European Young and Mobile Workshop

Conference in honour of Erwin Bolthausen, October 14-16, 2010

Conference in honour of Jürgen Gärtner, April 6-10 2010

Summer school "Stochastic Models of Complex Processes" 2009 in Chorin, Germany

Summer school 2008 in Disentis, Switzerland

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