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Dr. Kersten Schmidt
Phone:+49-(0)30-314 2 57 95
Fax:+49-(0)30-314 2 11 10
Office:MA 667
Post to:Technical University Berlin
Secretariat MA 6-4
Strasse des 17. Juni 136
D-10623 Berlin, Germany


  1. Talk at the Jahrestagung der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung in Köln, in the Minisymposium "Analysis und Simulation von Nanostrukturen", 19./20.Sept. 2011.
  2. Talk on the Langenbach seminar on "High order transmission conditions for conductive thin sheets", 1th June 2011, 15:15, Weierstrass-Institut Berlin.
  3. In summer term I will give the course "Numerics of PDEs" at the TU Berlin (starting April 11 2011, 14h15 in MA 376).
  4. As new member of the group Dirk Klindworth begins.
  5. Preprint with A. Chernov on "Robust families of transmission conditions of high order for thin conducting sheets", INS Report 1102.
  6. Article with S. Tordeux on "High order transmission conditions for thin conductive sheets in magneto-quasistatics" accepted in M2AN.
  7. Invited speaker on the Matheon workshop "4th Annual Meeting Photonic Devices", Feb 18, 2011, Berlin, Germany.
  8. From January 2011 on I have a junior research group in the DFG Research Center MATHEON in Berlin/Germany. The group is located at the TU Berlin.
  9. Speaker in the Seminar of modelling and scientific computation, Dec 7, 2010, 14:00, INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt.
  10. The next POEMS seminar will be on November 25th about "Homogenization" with the two speaker Grigory Panasenko (St. Etienne) and Assyr Abdulle (EPF Lausanne).
  11. Speaker on the ACE'10, July 5-7, Zürich, Switzerland.
  12. I have attended the 6th Workshop on Numerical Methods for Optical Nano Structures, July 5-6, Zürich, Switzerland.
  13. I was invited speaker on the Workshop "Effective Boundary Conditions in Aeroacoustics" at ENSTA in Paris/France, June 29-30.
  14. Invited speaker on the 10th Singular Days, April 29-May 1, Berlin, Germany.
  15. SAM report with H. Brandsmeier and Ch. Schwab on A multiscale hp-FEM for 2D photonic crystal band (April 2010).
  16. INRIA report with S. Tordeux on High order transmission conditions for thin conductive sheets in magneto-quasistatics (April 2010).
  17. At the Mathematics Graduate Colloqium at the ETH Zürich I was speaking about "What are... Concepts of High-order Finite Element Methods?" on April 20.


  1. Article with R. Kappeler on "Efficient Computation of Photonic Crystal Waveguide Modes with Dispersive Material" published online by Optics Express.
  2. I was organising with X. Claeys (ISAE Toulouse) a minisymposium "Numerical and Analytical Methods for Problems with Multiple Scales" at the GAMM'2010, March 22-26, Karlsruhe, Germany.
  3. Article with S.Tordeux on "Asymptotic modelling of conductive thin sheets" published online by ZAMP.
  4. Announcement for a master thesis project (projet de stage) Modelling of acoustic waves in grazing viscous flows (Modélisation de ondes acoustique dans de flux visqueux rasants).
  5. We have a video transmission of the lecture Asymptotic Methods for Wave Propagation Problems of A. Bendali (INSA Toulouse) at ETH Zurich to INRIA Rocquencourt.
  6. Talk on "High order transmission conditions for conductive thin sheets - asymptotic expansions versus thin sheet bases", 1st Sept. '09, Rennes/France.
  7. Talk on "hp-adaptive Finite Elements in the C++ library Concepts " at the Zurich NanoOptics Workshop 2009, 8th July '09, Zürich/Switzerland.
  8. Talk on "Anisotropic hp-adaptive H(curl)-conforming FE space in 2D on meshes with hanging nodes" at conference ICOSHAOM'09, 24th June '09, Trondheim/Norway.
  9. Talk on "Modelling of TE and TM Modes in Photonic Crystal Wave-Guides" on the Waves'09 conference, 15th June, Pau/France.
  10. Since the 1th March I am PostDoc in the group POems for "Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation" of Dr. Patrick Joly at INRIA Paris-Roquencourt. The research period is enabled by the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)
  11. The manuscript of my thesis about "High-order numerical modelling of highly conductive thin sheets" is online. See the abstract.

Research interests

  • Numerics of partial differential equations
  • hp-finite elements with hanging nodes
  • asymptotic expansion techniques
  • modeling of electromagnetics
  • modeling of photonic crystals
  • boundary element method
List of Publications: see here
List of Talks: see here
List of Poster: see here

Former work locations:

2008/2009 Bonn University, Research Associate
I was working in the group of Prof. Alexey Chernov at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics and the Institute for Numerical Simulation at the Universität Bonn.

2002-2008 ETH Zurich, Research Associate
I was working at the Seminar for Applied Mathematics with Prof. Ralf Hiptmair and Prof. Christoph Schwab.


Leading Developer of Numerical C++ Library Concepts


Ph. Frauenfelder, K. Schmidt, Ch. Schwab, Benchmark computations for Maxwell equations for the approximation of highly singular solutions computed with Concepts, 2004.

Teaching Experience

Chief assistant of
  • Numerics of partial differential equations (for math students, with Prof. R. Hiptmair)
  • Analysis I (for students of civil engineering, with Prof. R. Sperb)
Assistent of
  • Courses in Numerical Methods, Parallel Computing, Analysis II, Linear Algebra, Physics
  • Seminars about Fast Fourier transform, Hierarchical Matrices, Multilinear algebra


  • Emanuel Gull, term project "Simulation einer magnetischen Spitze", 2004
  • Peter Kauf, term project "Finite Elements for Photonic Crystals", 2007
  • Holger Brandsmeier, "C++-Implementation of a eigenvalue solver for Photonic cyrstals", since 2008