Hana Kouřimská

I am a research assistent at the Technical University Berlin, at the Department of Geometry and Mathematical Physics, working under the supervision of prof. Boris Springborn. My pilot project is the discretization of the Ricci flow (in 2D) and the Uniformization theorem within the setting of piecewise linear metrics.



Fields of interest:

Geometry, differential geometry, discrete differential geometry, topology, homology and cohomology theory

Projects and institutions I am involved in:

Conferences, workshops and summer schools attended:


Semester Subject
Fall 2018 Geometry I
Summer 2018 Complex Analysis I
Fall 2017 Analysis II
Summer 2017 Differential Geometry I
Fall 2016 Analysis II (Engineers)
Summer 2016 Discrete Differential Geometry
Fall 2015 Geometry I
Summer 2015 Discrete Differential Geometry


H. Kouřimská, L. Skuppin, and B. Springborn. A variational principle for cyclic polygons with prescribed edge lengths. In A. I. Bobenko, editor, Advances in discrete differential geometry, pages 177--195. Springer, Berlin, 2016. doi:10.1007/978-3-662-50447-5_5.


TU Berlin, MA 8-3
Strasse des 17. Juni 136
10623 Berlin

Office: MA 863
Email: kourim"at"math.tu-berlin.de
Office hours: by appointment

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