VL: Discrete Geometry III, Summer 21

This is a BMS Advanced Course, which will thus be given in English (online). To participate registration via email is mandatory. In that email please give your name, your affiliation, and indicate whether you wish to receive credits (the latter is only possible for students of FU, HU and TU Berlin and BMS students).

VL: Monday 10-12 zoom
Wednesday 10-12 zoom
UE: tba tba tba

Teaching assistant: Marta Panizzut

The course will be organized as a reading course. Details TBA.

The first lecture will be given live on zoom, on Monday, 12 Apr 2021, at 10:15.


We will study a class of convex polytopes, known as generalized permutahedra.

The prerequisites are a course Discrete Geometry II or equivalent. For instance, see my own course in the winter term.

References (preliminary)

  1. Postnikov: Permutohedra, associahedra and beyond. Int. Res. Math. Res. Not. 6 (2009), 1026-1106.
  2. Ardila, Benedetti & Doker: Matroid polytopes and their volumes. Discrete Comut. Geom. 43 (2010), 841–854.

References are given in the intended order of reading.

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