BMS Advanced Course: Tropical Convexity

Time/Location: Summer 2009, each Monday at 10-12 in MA 742 (TU Berlin). It is an advanced course of the Berlin Mathematical School, which will be held in English upon request.


Linear algebra and a basic knowledge in polytope theory and/or discrete optimization and/or commutative algebra and/or algebraic geometry.


The Lecture Notes for this course were the initial seed for my forthcoming book Essentials of Tropical Combinatorics.
  1. Tropical Arithmetic and Polynomials
  2. Puiseux Series and Tropicalization
  3. Graph Algorithms and the Tropical Determinant
  4. Tropical Polytopes
  5. Products of Simplices
  6. Tropical Halfspaces
  7. Polytropes
  8. Matroid Subdivisions of Hypersimplices
  9. Bruhat-Tits Buildings
  10. References (selection)

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    Michael Joswig

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