Seminar: Mathematical Software in Algebra and Geometry

Winter 2018/19

Due to the tremendous interest in a previous seminar there will be a sequel in the Winter of 2018/19. The two seminars are independent in both senses: (1) there is no overlap with the previous one (so you are welcome to attend this one, too), (2) it is not a requirement to have participated in the previous seminar. As a major difference the selection of software systems has a focus on algebra and geometry. Yet, to make it even more interesting (e.g., for interested students) we will be particularly interested in applications toward optimization. There is a new software project called OSCAR in the making, and this seminar is also about analyzing its components.

Participants will present one software system, combined with some mathematical background. The target audience of the seminar are students who are familiar with "Discrete Geometry", "Algebra", "Algebraic Geometry" or "Algorithmic Discrete Mathematics". Preference will be given to students who wanted to participate in the previous seminar but were excluded due to being overfull.


There will be a first meeting, Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 10:15 in MA 550. Participation mandatory if you want to partipicate in this seminar.

To simplify procedures for everyone, later we will organize a "Gruppenanmeldung" for this seminar.

Software Systems

Here is a preliminary list of software systems to be discussed in this seminar together with mathematical/algorithmic features which could be highlighted in a presentation.

Please see swMATH for more information and other software.

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