Proseminar II: Mathematical Drawings in MetaPost, SS 07

Michael Joswig, Fachbereich Mathematik, TU Darmstadt.

Time/location: SE2: 16.15-17.55 (S215/301). We will meet for the first time on Monday, April 23.


This seminar is about the programming language MetaPost which is used to produce highy quality drawings of mathematical content (and many other things). To get an idea browse the links below.

For this course there is a maximum admittance of 12 participants, which will be asked to form up to six teams of two (or three) students each. I will give an introduction to MetaPost in the first few sessions. Subsequent sessions will comprise presentations of the teams for previously assigned tasks. The seminar will be held in English.

Examples and Such

As a first introduction I recommend André Heck's Learning MetaPost By Doing.

Commands to work with MetaPost on the department's computers

Topics and References

Michael Joswig

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