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Guest Professor, 2010-2011

We hosted Professor Sergey Khrushchev (interested in real and complex analysis, orthogonal polynomials, special functions, continued fractions, measure theory) in 2010-2011. For information on Sergey Khrushchev's course Special functions by continued fractions, see Advanced Courses of Berlin Mathematical School.

Former members

ERC Starting Grant (2010-2015)

Stability and hyperbolicity of polynomials and entire functions

Research team

Main areas:

Specific problems of interest include zero localization of polynomials and entire function, in one and many variables, connections with orthogonal polynomials and special functions, total positivity and oscillatory properties of operators, related eigenvalue problems, bifurcation problems in fluid mechanics, partition functions of statistical mechanics, multiplier sequences, Laguerre-Polya class.


AIM Workshop:

Petter Branden, George Csordas, Olga Holtz, and Mikhail Tyaglov organized the workshop Stability, hyperbolicity, and zero localization of functions at the American Institute of Mathematics in December 2011.

Sofja Kovalevskaja project (2007-2011)

Direct and inverse problems of algebra and analysis


DFG SPP-1324 priority programme project (2008-2011)

The linear algebra of compressive sensing, with applications to PDEs


Schavan Professorship / Vorgriffsprofessur (2009-2014)

Applied Algebra and Analysis

Research team