Mars-Earth Flyby [October 2004]

In fall 2004, I was the technical director of a project which created a flight over the surface of the planets mars and earth. This animation was shown in stereo in the Audimax Theater for the Erstsemestertag at TU-Berlin on October 28, 2004, and on many other occasions since then. A slide show based on this animation can be found here, credits can be found here..

Tiled Rendering [March 2006]

As part of my work for the jReality project I've been working on the JOGL backend. I've recently incorporated the capability, using PBuffers, to render arbitrarily large images off-screen. Check out this 4Kx4K image of the Archimedean solids and their duals (Platonic solids NOT included).

Noneuclidean RenderMan Shader [May 2006]

This isn't really news, such a shader for hyperbolic space was first described in my paper "Discrete Groups and Visualization of 3-Dimensional Manifolds". almost -- can it be? -- 14 years ago. What's new is that it's been updated (textures!) and hooked up to jReality. Sample image of the familiar borromean ring 4-fold orbifold can be viewed at the right. One novelty: texture maps. I'm working on the elliptic/spherical version now ... right now it refuses to draw anything!

Video: A New Logo for the IMU [Summer 2006]

The International Mathematical Union (IMU) recently had a competition to choose a logo. My collegue John Sullivan won this contest with a logo based on the Borromean rings. At the end of May, we set to work to create a short animation video to show when the logo is introduced to the world at ICM 2006 in Madrid. The result was a 4 minute animation featuring the jitterbug, golden rectangles, tight knots, and some customized RenderMan shading effects.

Cross-eyed Stereo Image Pairs [Fall 2006]

Returning home from my annual pilgrimage to USA this fall equipped with a wonderful new pair of contact lenses that allow me to experience optical stereo fusing (depth perception) for the first time in years, I have enjoyed developing some tools for creating stereo pair images in jReality. Here are some samples of my own.

You can also generate your own stereo pairs using my webstart applications found here. (To go into cross-eyed stereo mode, type 'z'; to adjust eye-separation, use the stereo tool (you can't miss its cross-eyed icon!) -- tool help is available via 'h' key; to save images, use "File->Save offscreen...").

Surface Thickener and Perforator [Winter 2007]

Eager to try out our group's newly acquired 3D printer, I wrote some processing code for jReality, which converts surfaces into (thin or thick) skins. Then, since I still felt that much of the beauty of the surfaces was lost by ubiquitous opacity, I developed some more processing code to drill holes of various kinds in the thickened surface (a process to which I apply the term perforation). The image on the right shows a thickened, perforated surface generated with this software.