Welcome to the resource site associated to my contributions to ICCA10. Please contact me (gunn at math.tu-berlin.de) if you have questions or suggestions regarding the content described in the conference and in these associated resources.

Here are some relevant links:

Slides for my plenary talk "Geometric algebras for euclidean geometry." Here is an arXiv preprint devoted to the same theme.

Slides for my workshop talk "Euclidean plane geometry using projective geometric algebra." Here is an arXiv preprint devoted to the same theme.

My Ph. D. thesis "Geometry, Kinematics, and Rigid Body Mechanics in Cayley-Klein Geometries".

An article containing the Euclidean content of my thesis , presented at AGACSE 2010 Amsterdam and published as Ch. 15 of "A Guide to Geometric Algebra in Practice", Springer, 2011, edited by Dorst and Lasenby.

An extended version of the previous article as ArXiV preprint.

Blog post showing how to use projective geometric algebra to solve a geometric exercise in the euclidean plane. It contains a link to the Java webstart application featured in the workshop talk.

Here is a list of links (where available) to the films shown in the Thursday evening film show: