The main topics of my research revolve around two broad themes:

  • Three-dimensional Geometry and Topology
  • Soft matter physics

More specifically, I have projects running on the following topics:

  • Geometry and physics of random foam simulations
  • Complex networks and weavings from reticulations of triply-periodic minimal surfaces: EPINET
  • Physics of triply-periodic filament entanglements
  • Tight or ideal knots and links
  • Ideal conformations of finite and periodic entanglements
  • Keratin arrangement and function in the stratum corneum

If you are interested in joining me as a research student (Bachelors, Masters or PhD), please contact me for more details. Some open topics include:

  • Hyperbolic tilings as a route to complicated entanglement in 3D space
  • Ideal geometry of periodic knotted networks and filament weavings
  • Geometry of random foams, either deformed by shear or evolved via coarsening
  • Morphometric approach to energy minimisation of knots, links and weavings