Shape Up 2015 : Exercises in Materials Geometry and Topology

(posted 16 Dec 2015)

In September 2015, we hosted "Shape Up" here at the TU Berlin. It was an interdisciplinary discussion meeting on patterns and geometry, and their role in biological and synthetic microstructured materials and tissue. We invite contributions from biology, chemistry, materials science, mathematics, physics and related fields addressing the genesis, properties and function of complex nano-scale geometries, as well as underlying geometric and topological concepts for the study of complex structure and shape. The conference included a total of 16 keynote lectures, almost 50 scientific talks, poster sessions and around 110 registered participants.

Aside from the talk schedule, the week saw some other programs taking shape. Alison Martin created a geometric construction activity that lasted the week and involved many of the participants (see photo below). We had a great boat ride along the Spree through the centre of Berlin one afternoon, followed by a great conference dinner at the Alte Pumpe, an "Industrial Chic" venue in Berlin. We would like the thank all of the participants for joining us here in Berlin.

Here are a few photos courtesy of participant Matthias Weber.