Homepage of Holger Eble

I am a PhD candidate and assistant at the Institute of Mathematics of the Technical University in Berlin.
I am a member of the discrete geometry group of Prof. Dr. Michael Joswig who is my thesis advisor.

Office: Strasse des 17. Juni 136, Room 620
Office hour: by appointment
e-mail: eble[at]domain
where domain = math[dot]tu[minus]berlin[dot]de

Research interests

I am interested in polytopes, algebraic matroids and varieties and their applications in biology.


I like teaching both pure and applied Mathematics. So far I've been serving as teaching assistant for theses courses:

Winter term 19/20: Topology
Summer term 19:   Computer-oriented Mathematics II
Winter term 18/19: Computer-oriented Mathematics I
Summer term 18:   Algorithmic Discrete Mathematics II
Winter term 17/18: Lineare Algebra for Engineers

Short CV


I am part of the polymake developer team. This is software that allows for computations with polyhedral objects.