Recent Papers

A.I. Bobenko, Yu.B. Suris, Isothermic surfaces in sphere geometries as Moutard nets (2006) math.DG/0610434

A.I. Bobenko, I. Izmestiev, Alexandrov's theorem, weighted Delaunay triangulations, and mixed volumes (2006) math.DG/0609447

A.I. Bobenko, Yu.B. Suris, On organizing principles of Discrete Differential Geometry. Geometry of spheres. Russian Math. Surveys, 62:1 (2007) 1-43 math.DG/0608291

A.I. Bobenko, Yu.B. Suris, Discrete differential geometry. Consistency as integrability, Preliminary version of a book (2005) math.DG/0504358

A.I. Bobenko, P. Schröder, Discrete Willmore Flow, Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing (2005), M. Desbrun, H. Pottmann (eds.), 101-110

A.I. Bobenko, B.A. Springborn, A discrete Laplace-Beltrami operator for simplicial surfaces, to appear in Discrete and Computational Geometry, math.DG/0503219

A.I. Bobenko, A conformal energy for simplicial surfaces, Combinatorial and Computational Geometry, MSRI Publications, V. 52, 2005, 133-143, Preprint (2004) math.DG/0406128

A.I. Bobenko, Ch. Mercat, Yu.B. Suris, Linear and nonlinear theories of discrete analytic functions. Integrable structure and isomonodromic Green's function, J. reine und angew. Math. 583 (2005) 117-161 math.DG/0402097

A.I. Bobenko, Geometry of discrete integrability. The consistency approach, In: Faddeev et al. (eds.), Bilinear Integrable Systems: From Classical to Quantum, Continous to Discrete, 2006, Springer, 43-53

A.I. Bobenko, Discrete Differential Geometry. Integrability as Consistency. In: Lect. Notes Phys. 644, 85-110 (2004)

V.E. Adler, A.I. Bobenko, Yu.B. Suris, Geometry of Yang-Baxter maps: pencils of conics and quadrirational mappings, Communications in Analysis and Geometry 12:5 (2004) 967-1008 math.QA/0307009

A.I. Bobenko, T. Hoffmann, B.A. Springborn, Minimal surfaces from circle patterns: Geometry from combinatorics, Ann. of Math. 164:1 (2006) 231-264, Preprint (2003) math.DG/0305184

A.I. Bobenko, D. Matthes, Yu.B. Suris, Discrete and smooth orthogonal systems: $C^\infty$-approximation, Internat. Math. Research Notices 2003:45, 2415-2459 Preprint (2003) math.DG/0303333

S.I. Agafonov, A.I. Bobenko, Hexagonal circle patterns with constant intersection angles and discrete Painleve and Riccati equations, J. Math. Phys. 44:8 (2003) 3455-3469, Preprint (2003) math.CV/0301282

A.I. Bobenko, D. Matthes, Yu.B. Suris, Nonlinear hyperbolic equations in surface theory: integrable discretizations and approximation results, Algebra and Analysis 17:1 (2005) 53-83, St. Petersburg Math. J. 17:1 (2206), 39-61 math.NA/0208042

A.I. Bobenko, Yu.B. Suris, Integrable non-commutative equations on quad-graphs. The consistency approach, Lett. Math. Phys. 61 (2002) 241-254, SFB288 Preprint 558 (2002) nlin.SI/0206010

B.Deconinck, M. Heil, A.I. Bobenko, M. van Hoeij, M. Schmies, Computing Riemann Theta Functions, Mathematics of Computation 73 (2004) 1417-1442, SFB288 Preprint 560 (2002) nlin.SI/0206009

A.I. Bobenko, T.V. Pavlyukevich, B.A. Springborn, Hyperbolic constant mean curvature one surfaces: Spinor representation and trinoids in hypergeometric functions, Math. Z. 245 (2003) 63-91, SFB288 Preprint 554 (2002) math.DG/0206021

A.I. Bobenko, B.A. Springborn, Variational principles for circle patterns and Koebe's theorem, Trans. AMS 356 (2004) 659-689, SFB288 Preprint 545 (2002)

V. E. Adler, A.I. Bobenko, Yu.B. Suris, Classification of integrable equations on quad-graphs. The consistency approach, Comm. Math. Phys. 233 (2003) 513-543 SFB288 Preprint 557 (2002), nlin.SI/0202024

A.I. Bobenko, Yu.B. Suris, Integrable systems on quad-graphs, International Math. Research Notices 2002:11, 573-612, SFB288 Preprint 521 (2001) nlin.SI/0110004

A.I. Bobenko, T. Hoffmann, Hexagonal circle patterns and integrable systems. Patterns with constant angles, Duke Math. J. 116:3 (2003) 525-566 SFB288 Preprint 516 (2001) math.CV/0109018

A.I. Bobenko, T. Hoffmann, Yu.B. Suris, Hexagonal circle patterns and integrable systems. Patterns with the multi-ratio property and Lax equations on the regular triangular lattice, International Math. Research Notices 2002:3, 111-164 SFB288 Preprint 502 (2001) math.CV/0104244

A.I. Bobenko, M. Umehara, Monodromy of isometric deformations of CMC surfaces, Hiroshima Math. Journal 31:2 (2001) 291-297

A.I. Bobenko, T. Hoffmann, Conformally symmetric circle packings. A generalization of Doyle spirals, Experimental Mathematics 10:1 (2001) 141-150 SFB288 Preprint 468 (2000), interactive version with Java applets, math.CV/0005245

A.I. Bobenko, U. Eitner, Painlevé Equations in the Differential Geometry of Surfaces, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1753, Springer 2000

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A.I. Bobenko, Yu.B. Suris, Discrete time Lagrangian mechanics on Lie groups, with an application on the Lagrange top, Comm. Math. Phys. 204 (1999), 147-188, SFB288 Preprint 345 (1998), solv-int/9810018

Book. Discrete Integrable Geometry and Physics, eds. A.I. Bobenko, R. Seiler, Oxford University Press (1999) [For content and introduction see SFB288 Preprint 325]

A.I. Bobenko, A.V. Kitaev, On Asymptotic Cones of Surfaces with Constant Curvature and the Third Painleve Equation, Manuscripta Math. 97 (1998), 489-516 SFB288 Preprint 315 (1998)

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A.I. Bobenko, U.J. Hertrich-Jeromin, Orthogonal Nets and Clifford Algebras, Tohoku Math. Publ. 20 (2001) 7-22, SFB288 Preprint 310 (1998), math.DG/9802126

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V. Bazhanov, A. Bobenko, N. Reshetikhin, Quantum Discrete Sine-Gordon Model at Roots of 1: Integrable Quantum System on the Integrable Classical Background, Comm. Math. Phys. 175 (1996) 377-400 SFB288 Preprint 166 (1995)

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